Formerly Northwoods Beard Company and Northwoods Soaps & Scents

Beard Care Trio


Everything you need to keep your beard in tip top shape.  Step 1 - Beard Wash.  Our beard wash is sulfate free (sulfates are in normal shampoo) and doesn't dry your beard out.  The carrier oils in our wash load your beard with the oils it is lacking and leaves your beard feeling soft, smooth and fresh.  Step 2 - Beard Oil.  Our oils contain the finest essential and carrier oils available.  Our oil combination will not only soften and nourish your beard, it will also help alleviate the itching and redness that occurs under your beard.  As your beard grows out, the oils in your skin are drawn out and our oils feed your skin what it is missing.  Step 3 - Beard Balm.  Our beard balm completes the 3 step  system by locking in the oils and adds a level of manageability to your beard.